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While metal roofs are common for workshops and barns, they have not always been a popular option for homes and businesses. However, with the development of new materials and designs over the last few decades, we’re seeing more people choose metal roofs over shingles and other options.

At Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal, we enthusiastically recommend metal roofs to anyone considering one. Below, we’ll explain why. There are more than a few reasons to choose a metal roof. If you can get past the traditional look of a shingled roof, you will see its advantages, too.

  • Long-lasting – A metal roof can last up to 70 years with no maintenance. You do need to have regular inspections just to make sure no repairs are needed, though.
  • Durable – Metal roof materials can stand up to wind, moisture, and impact better than other roofing materials — important to know for coastal residents.
  • Fire-resistant – A metal roof won’t catch fire if sparks land on it from an external source, and it won’t contribute to the blaze if a fire starts from within.
  • Energy-efficient – Metal will reflect UV and infrared rays, reducing the temperature in your home without air conditioning. You could potentially pay for your roof over its lifetime in energy savings.
  • Ecofriendly – Many of our sheet metal products are made from recycled materials. And at the end of its life, your metal roof will be fully recyclable.

You may imagine a rustic scene when you think of a “tin roof,” but metal roofing technology has come a long way, now offering modern designs and a wide range of colors — not to mention several different materials to match the style and functionality you desire.

Here are a few of the metal roofing options we offer:

  • Galvanized steel – the most common replacement for old-fashioned tin
  • Aluminum – lightweight and stands up to the Florida humidity
  • Copper – a stunning, high-end metal roofing option
  • Zinc – watch the patina age your roof beautifully over time

Trust Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal for Your Metal Roofing Needs. It’s right there in our name, after all! A metal roof can provide all of the benefits above, and it can add a sleek, modern finish to any home or business. If you are considering a metal roof for your new home or as a replacement for your current roof, contact us for more information!

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